Best CS:GO Betting Sites

CS:GO Betting Sites let you bet on professional CS:GO matches.

# Website Description Games Promo Code Rating
1 Well known Match Betting site with real CS:GO skins withdraw. You can bet on all the big professional CS:GO matches but also on smaller leagues. Match Betting CSGOGuides
2 Great Match Betting website with skin store and lots of other games to play. Mostly used by russians but also good for international users. Match Betting 2q6k90

CS:GO Betting Sites

CS:GO Betting sites are websites, where you can bet on CS:GO Pro Matches. You can bet skins or real money (Crypto etc). Sadly there are only a few CS:GO Betting sites out there, because Valve banned changed ToS and most sites shut down. If you want to bet on CS:GO Matches now, you have to go on or Big betting sites offer esports betting too. If you want to bet real money on CS:GO Matches, you should use those sites. Don't use any betting sites if you are not 18 years old! We would recommend using sites, where you can bet your skins or deposit your skins and bet with coins. Betting with real money is a high risk, that you shouldn't take. If you want to bet on CS:GO games for free, you can use sites with free coins, but you can't withdraw skins on some of them. Free betting sites are for example and We would recommend, because you can withdraw skins there. Esports betting is a nice way to built up your inventory fast and safe. We will update our list as fast as possible, if there are any good new betting sites. If you know a nice CS:GO betting site, which is not on our list, feel free to tell us. Don't try to submit any scam sites, we will check if the site is legit.

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