CS:GO Jackpot Sites

Find the best Jackpot Sites now! All sites offer real CS:GO skin for withdraw

Website Pots max. Items min. Deposit Promo Code
CSGOFast.com High Coins 2.50$ 2q6k90-csgo
Gamdom.com High Coins 2$ csgorat
WTFSkins.com Low Coins 0,01$ kantonl
CSGO500.com Low Coins 1$ CSGOGUIDES

CS:GO Jackpot Sites List

CS:GO Jackpot Sites offer a fast way to get yourself some nice skins. You have to deposit your own skins and you can win the skins of other players. You can also lose all. Those sites make money through commissions. On every Jackpot that's being played, the site takes a commission between 2% and 10%, the commission is different depending on the site you use. On most sites you need to fill in your tradelink which you can find here. Don't deposit your playskins if you don't want to lose them! Use sites where you can get a high percentage to win. If you have 1000$, you can go on big sites like CSGOFast.com and try your luck. If you only have some small skins, go on sites like WTFSkins.com and try to win. Check the commissions that the website will take before you start playing on it. Some sites take high commissions, avoid these websites!
Some scam sites will try to steal your items, don't use them! You should always check, if you are playing on a legit website. If you have any issue getting your items it may be a scam. If it is not, you can try to open a support ticket and explain your problem.

We would recommend using well known sites with many players. For example, we personally like the sites on our list.

Duels on CSGO500

Duels are basically a small Jackpot against only a few other players. You can play against up to 3 other players (25% win chance) or only against two (33,33% win chance) or against one other players (50% chance). This mode is only available on CSGO500, one of our favourite CS:GO Gambling Sites. This mode is provably fair and they offer real CS:GO skins for withdraw, which is nice. You can exchange your skins for coins, play a Duel and cash out other skins if you win. They only take a 5% commission on every duel, which means that you get 1900 coins, if you win a 1000 vs 1000 coin duel. This is really cheap compared to other sites, most Jackpot modes take around 10% commission.