CS:GO Marketplace Sites

CS:GO Marketplace List - find the best site to buy & sell CS:GO skins now!

# Website Description Prices Currency Commission
1 Swap.gg Market site from Swap.gg the well known trading bot. You can withdraw to PayPal and deposit over PayPal without ID verification. Cheap EUR (€) 5% - 7%
2 Skinbay.com Market site from Germany, very trustworthy, fast and reliable. You can withdraw to your PayPal, crypto wallet or to your bank account. Cheap EUR (€) 5% - 10%
3 Bitskins.com Biggest Marketplace, used by players all over the world for CS:GO and other games. You can withdraw to PayPal, crypto wallet or bank account Cheap USD ($) 5%
4 Lootbear.com Big Site without any selling fees or withdraw fees where you can also rent skins for cheap. Cheap USD ($) 0%
5 StoneFire.io Very bad looking site, but sometimes you can get some good deals. Don't sell your skins here, you can only withdraw using PayPal. Normal USD ($) 5% - 10%
6 Skingalaxy.gg Small marketplace from Australia for CS:GO skins only with some really annoying bugs Normal USD ($) 5% - 10%
7 SkinBaron.de Big Marketplace with lots of skins for many games but really long loading times and high Expensive EUR (€) 15%
8 CSGOShop.com You can sell your skins for balance (0% fee) but you have to pay 5% for cashout. We recommend not using this site. Expensive USD ($) 5% Cashout Commission
9 Lootmarket.com Weird Marketplace and not well-known, you can find some good deals but we are not sure if the site is legit Expensive USD ($) 5% - 10%


CS:GO Marketplaces

A CS:GO marketplace is a website, where you can buy and sell your CS:GO items (skins). You should use a CS:GO marketplace to avoid the high fees (15%) that you have to pay if you sell your skins on the steam market. The most used CS:GO market at the moment is bitskins.com. You can sell your items very fast and easy and you can cash out in 24 hours into real money. Lootbear.com and Swap.gg are nice CS:GO markets too, they also take a low cut (0% on Lootbear - 5% on Swap.gg). If you are looking for a german/european CS:GO Marketplace, you should use Skinbay.com. It's a german company which tries to set up a nice CS:GO Market where you can sell your skins fast and safe.

How it works:
You sign in on a website that functions as a CS:GO Market. You can fill up your balance through Paypal, Paysafecard, Crypto or other payment methods. You can also fill up your balance through selling items. If you sell an item, you fill in the price and then you receive a tradeoffer from a bot from the website. If your item is sold you get the money to your balance. If you buy an item, you get a tradeoffer from a bot with your item in it. If you want to know the benefits of a CS:GO Marketplace, here are some of them: You can instantly check the float of the item you are buying. You can buy skins with nice stickers or nametags on it. You can make private listings, so only your friends or other people that know the link to your listing can buy your item. Also the steam market has a max. Price and a min. Price. If you want to sell items worth over 1600$ you have to use a CS:GO Marketplace.

Good Luck and Have Fun buying and selling CS:GO skins,
your CSGORat.com-Team